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A place to post, promote, and discuss online petitions. Left, right, or anywhere in between - please respect all views. RSS Feed what is XML?

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proposal to delete this tribe  topic
torture petition  topic
CA residents - Don't Let PG&E Stick it to Me!  topic
Petition to Stop the Salem (NJ) Nuke Fish Slaug...  topic
Urgent!!! Please help  topic
Existence of Chinese Concentration Camp, Says...  topic
NRDC: Move America Beyond Oil  topic
trim fat from pentagon budget  topic
Iraq - Harry Reid's call to action  topic
Save Social Security  topic
advise on starting a petition(s)  topic
Ask your senator to reject the FMA  topic
help SAVE Arctic National Wildlife Refuge FROM ...  topic
organic standards  topic
accountability for nola  topic
no more tax cuts(estate tax)  topic
Global Calendar Reform Petition  topic
delay's energy giveaway  topic
Don't Feed the Exxon Beast  topic
karl rove  topic
bryan epis  topic
Help us pass the “Read the Bills Act of 2005” (...  topic
be a witness  topic
Days Inn, Columbus, on I-71 near downtown.  review
Join HRC's "Team Supreme"  topic

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